George Burton

pianist | composer

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"George Burton represents what many of Jazz's most exciting figures hoped the genre would become: precarious, dynamic, revolutionary...unable to be contained." — Daniel Palmer, Nextbop

It’s no small feat that pianist George Burton has recently been turning so many heads... it’s not about virtuosity so much as vibe, which Burton has in abundance.
— Nate Chinen, Philadelphia City Paper
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Group 5, one of George Burton's two groups playing on the New York jazz scene, is the manifestation of George's relentlessly creative ear for progressive/modern original music that hinges on jazz influenced by rock. Conceived years ago at Philadelphia's legendary jazz club, Ortlieb's Jazzhaus, Group 5 features saxophonist Chris Hemingway, guitarist Craig Magnano, and drummer Wayne Smith Jr. These master vibe-creators don't merely walk the genre-crossing edge, but rather run it with rock-infused chords heavy with swing, groove, and mood. Their exchange of surprising harmonies, angular rhythms, pointed chords, use of space, and rhythmic elasticity bring deliverance from the traditional rules of engagement, breaking barriers between audience and musician, resulting in an organic harmonic symbiosis. 

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