[Burton’s] vision, a smart melodic postbop with strong elements of R&B and hip-hop ... The Truth [Of What I Am] bursts with promise.
— Jazztimes

GB Quintet at Smalls Jazz Club in NYC

The  George Burton Quintet, one of George's two groups on the scene, fuses traditional hard bop, avant garde, post bop, R&B, among other genres—shaking hands with the past while firing towards the future. It features the harmonic grooves of: trumpeter Jason Palmer, saxophonist Tim Warfield, bassist Pablo Menares, and drummer Wayne Smith, Jr.

The Quintet is the manifestation of George's "straight-but-not-straight" (JazzTimes) style of playing and his unique ability to adapt his playing to meet the needs of those sharing the stage while maintaining his own signature sound, thereby respecting the tradition of the genre while grounding himself firmly as a creative presence. As George explains, “The sound comes from a different place. The music is written for people to hear melodies and be able to relate to them. It’s a very open sound but still brings all of the complexities from the jazz idiom. It’s a situation that allows everyone to be themselves."

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